Benjy is a beautiful book, I’d love one myself. It’s very unique yet will appeal to so many kids, it’ll be a sell-out. I was looking through it thinking how well thought out it was, it’s just the right book for the times we live in, and a great way for kids to learn especially if they’re not into reading. They will be well informed with so much fun.


That’s just amazing! I am using the Benjy journal with a 25 year old client I have. He has intellectual and learning difficulties and he loves completing it every day.  Definitely something for you to look into for the future. Would be a great help for those with learning disabilities, as well as the mini daily happiness cards for the young. Keep up the amazing work.


That’s a month now that Evan got his Journal with Benjy and he has been doing it diligently every evening. The question about the mood and the colour of the mood was a great help to us, as we didn’t know why he felt so sad. We broached the subject subtly and he revealed to us what made him sad. Thank you so much Pascale for your work, as it really helped us unblocking a big issue for Evan.


Pascale I have to say that I didn’t expect this Journal to have as much as it presently has. It is packed with info and so much for Laura to do and to make; we had great fun while making the Benjy cookies, and she loved filling her feelgood box with treasured memories. Next, the vision board, and I think I’ll join her on that one!


I just received the Benjy Journal and I would like to thank you also for all the extra gifts you sent, I really appreciated them. The Journal is magnificent, and I already learned so much myself, just reading through all the facts! The twins (9 years old, a boy and a girl) are going to share it, and I foresee hours of fun with it! Thanks again, it’s beautifully done.


I just wanted to say that I really love the Journal I bought from you at the Christmas Market. My 10 year old is now so engrossed in it that he refused to come down for his tea!


I have given the Journal to my nephew who is on the spectrum. He’s 10 and he adores it. He particularly loves the stickers. He loves drawing and loves the challenge that the two options offer.


I am an SNA and work with this little girl who loves Benjy. She particularly loves the question “If my mood was a colour, what colour would it be today, and why?” She tends to ignore the other questions and keeps coming back to that one. It’s excellent to help her deal with her emotions. Thank you Pascale for this wonderful book.



“It’s very good because you get to learn fun facts and you can write your own thoughts and feelings and that’s your own book of specialness forever. And you get a penguin bookmark!”

Faye (age 8)

“I really like the drawings and when I can draw what I like.”

Cian (age 10)

“I like when Benjy asks what I dreamt of because I like telling about my dreams.”

Cillian (age 9)

“I like knowing stuff about cats and dogs and other animals because I love animals”.

Ciara (age 9)

“I would like to meet Benjy”.

Fionn (age 8)

“I made the Benjy cookies with my mum and they were really good”.

Emma (age 10)

“I loved when Benjy asks what colour I would like to paint my bedroom because I answered the question and dad bought the paint for me.”

Isabel (age 9)

“I like that I can start any page I like every day”.

Eoin (age 11)