Help your kids go green with Benjy!

‘My Green Journal with Benjy’ is a fun, active, daily journal created for Primary school children to have fun and learn things about the environment, recycling, nature, and animals.

Benjy is a fun loving, joyfully mischievous, sometimes serious, and always playful penguin who lives with Pascale Lutz, in Douglas, Co. Cork in the South of Ireland.

Every day in this Journal, Benjy shares a fun fact, gives space for children to use their imagination and asks a question for them to answer.

After every 7th day, Benjy gives a Project to draw or make something. This presents perfect bonding time with parents, grandparents, or guardians.

Every 3 months, there is a Thinking Corner where Benjy asks the children to (gently) reflect about their life, how they feel, to tell Benjy any joys, worries, and try to find a solution.

Although it is a daily journal, they are no dates on the 430+ pages so the child can start any day!

Throughout the journal the children can earn stickers by answering the ‘Call To Action’ on things that help us protect the environment. When they collect all the stickers there is a detachable ‘Benjy Academy Diploma’ that can be individualised and framed!

This Journal can be taken with you on trips in nature, holidays, visits to family. Not only will it help the children learn more about the environment, recycling, nature, and animals; it will also help them reflect, and act.

And it will take them away from their screens each day!